Mean Servers VPS (Virtual Private Servers)

Wow I have gotten really bad at updating this blog! I am almost at my two years abroad mark and will post a special recap around that date. But in the mean time a, a word about one of my new sponsors, Mean Servers.

I recently was sponsored by a new web hosting company called Mean Servers Limited. They placed me on my own VPS (virtual private server) which is absolutely amazing and part of their cloud system in Denver, Colorado. They utilize KVM technology to keep the VPS’s separate and the speed is unbelievably fast. I couldn’t be more happy with their services. Granted, I am being sponsored by them which is saving me money but if I were to pay for the plan I am on, I would only be paying $29 per month for their Ultimate Advanced VPS plan which is a deal compared to what I used to pay at my old provider for a slower, less reliable service.

Although I cannot speak for their other services; they also offer Cloud Hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Dedicated Servers, and Server Management but, their support is fast, their prices are very reasonable for what you receive, and their uptime is always 100%.

I couldn’t be more happy with this host! Also if you use my coupon code that they provide for those reading my blog, EXPATHALF2014, they will give you your first two months half off when paying month to month for either their Cloud Hosting or Virtual Private Server products. Perfect if you want to run your own travel blog like myself!

If you want fast, reliable VPS service, visit

One ad in two years as a post isn’t bad now is it?

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