The Case Against Fort Collins – Why Fort Collins Sucks – Part 1

I know this blog is about being an expatriate and most of my readers will not quite understand why there is a blog entry about Fort Collins, the last city I was a resident in the United States on here. Well in order to understand me better, you need to know where I am coming from and I feel you would better understand my dislike of my country I have if you knew the kind of city I came from. This entry will give you a little more insight into where I am from and what propelled me into becoming an expatriate. Granted, you won’t get the full story (you need to wait for my book) but you will get some idea behind my thought process.

I lived in Fort Collins for almost 2 years of my life and in that time, I witnessed extreme police corruption and brutality. My first witness to these corrupt officers was the week I just moved up to Fort Collins. There was a riot in old town, granted I did not witness this first hand but did hear from friends and through the old grape vine that the riot originally started after an officer used excessive force on a drunk patron, go figure. The Fort Collins Police department (or as they call themselves Fort Collins Police Services, a joke of a name) has been known for only ever telling half the story and said that a crowd got out of control over a misunderstanding but I think it was the Fort Collins Police that got out of control over a little misunderstanding. Read the article about the riot here. It doesn’t say why the rioters suddenly began throwing beer bottles at officers but I think the reasoning is obvious. Perhaps the Fort Collins Police should have been charged with starting a riot? Obviously they were behind the riot in the first place.

Fort Collins Police officers, those sworn to uphold, protect and defend the constitution have little respect for the legislative authority that allows them to exist in the first place. They don’t seem to grasp We The People allow them to be, not the other way around. Therefore, you would think that they would have a little more respect for the people and the law that allows them to have a job in the first place but they don’t. In this report, an officer is shown shoving an innocent civilian that was legally filming the officer in public. I guess the man had a good reason to be filming the Fort Collins Police, as does any person in Fort Collins as their short fuses can go off at any moment. Was the officer charged with police intimidation or assault? Nope. He probably got promoted as happened in the next case.

Meet Officer Kobey Northen, who is now Detective Kobey Northen. Before Detective Northen harassed CSU students for the whereabouts of family members (seriously, this guy does this) he was a patrol officer with the Fort Collins Police. He was called to a domestic violence report where in the end, he ended up shooting a suspect he accused of drawing a gun on him after being maced. What? I asked myself the same thing. This officer maced a suspect then shot him after accusing him of drawing a weapon on him and the victim. How does one draw a weapon on an officer after just being maced? I can’t imagine someone doing this but supposedly it happened. You can read all about it here and you can decide for yourself if the story adds up or not. For me, it just doesn’t add up and I think the officer was promoted just to get him off the street so he doesn’t end up shooting someone again. Excessive force anyone?

Some people may chalk these up to isolated incidents, I don’t as I know these aren’t isolated incidents, these are only the ones the press will report on (another problem with our country, the selected reporting of important news). Consider this, is it an isolated incident when the Fort Collins and Larimer governments makes it policy to arrest people for not breaking the law? Nope.

In November 2012, Colorado voters passed a constitutional amendment for the legalisation of small amounts of marijuana. The vote has yet to be certified by the governor so technically it is still illegal but most police departments and district attorneys in the state of Colorado have recognised the will of the people and decided to stop the prosecution of these victimless crimes. Not in Fort Collins where the Fort Collins Police, Larimer County Police and Larimer County District Attorney continue to go after petty offences that soon won’t even be a petty offence! I think Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith said it best that he doesn’t listen to the constitution, only statutes that gives a prime example of why the entire government of Fort Collins and Larimer County should be dissolved.

Good news for those who got citations, if you continue your case until the governor certifies the vote, your case most likely will be dropped as the prosecution won’t have a leg to stand on. Knowing Larry Abrahamson (whom is term limited and being replaced in January with his mini-me) he will try and strong arm you into taking a plea deal. Decline any deal he gives you and demand a jury trial. The jury will most likely find you not guilty and you will have cost the backwards county a small fortune in trying to prosecute you for something that is legal now. It’s unlikely it will even get that far as I know some where Larry Abrahamson has a few brain cells left (he’s almost consistently drunk from what I heard) and he will dismiss the case right before it goes to jury.

Actual photo of District Attorney Larry Abrahamson without his human mask on.

Actual photo of District Attorney Larry Abrahamson without his human mask on

Finally, there is the case of Tim Masters, the man who was wrongfully set up by a Fort Collins Detective by the name of James Broderick for the murder of Peggy Hettrick in 1987. If this case in itself doesn’t describe the state of Fort Collins, I don’t know what will. The way poor Tim Masters was treated all the way to the bitter end sickens me. Larry Abrahamson wanted to try and charge this poor guy again even after it became blatantly obvious he was innocent until the Colorado Attorney General stepped in an said Masters was exonerated. The worst part is that this corrupt detective James Broderick not only continues to get a paycheck from the city for over $100,000 a year but they are footing a lot of his legal bills! What is wrong with this city? In case you were wondering, the average officer in Fort Collins makes at least $72,137 a year to rid you of your constitutional rights and most are just as corrupt as James Broderick such as officers Jarad Sargent, Nick Rogers, Adam Braun, Timothy Moeller, Randall Klamser, Rex Steele and Wendy Slaughter, just to name a few after a quick Google search as quite honestly, the whole department should be listed.

These aren’t the only examples of the corruption in this city but just the tip of the iceberg. Many accounts of police corruption go unnoticed by the public and our media will even turn a blind eye to it in many cases. This is one of the major reasons I have had it with America, it has become a police state where the average citizen cannot and will not be treated properly by the very people we entrust power to. It’s time We The People woke up and said enough is enough. Vote out of office these corrupt officials, sheriffs that have no regard for the constitution, mayors and city managers that allow police departments unlimited budgets, judges that aren’t impartial, and district attorneys that have their heads too far up their own asses to see what’s really going on.

I want to come home but refuse to until we as a nation clean up our act and get rid of the corrupt government officials. This is my political statement but I cannot do it alone. Before you vote for anyone, ask yourself, do you believe in a better candidate or are you voting for a lesser of two evils? Because if you are simply voting for the lesser of two evils, you too are what’s wrong with America.

The police aren’t the only problem, the courts are too! In my next article, I will discuss how the courts are in bed with the police department and district attorney office and why you will never find a fair judge in this town. This article is part 1 of a 2 part series on Why Fort Collins Sucks.

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