Hygiene 101 – How Not to Reek

What is with people that have horrible hygiene? Seriously, it’s like 1 in 5 people staying in hostels have horrible BO. I can understand if you’ve been camping for two weeks straight, I would be worried if you didn’t stink after that. But if you are living in a hostel, there is absolutely no excuse for stinking the place up. I don’t like walking into a room only to turn right back around because you smell worse than my socks did after flying/travelling for 96 hours straight. I ended up burning those socks by the way. If people are avoiding you, making weird faces like they just walked out of a port-o-jon, or you have become the butt of jokes lately (get it? butt of jokes, haha.) then you may just stink.

Your Hygiene Sucks, Take a Shower You Filthy Hippie

Your Hygiene Sucks, Take a Shower You Filthy Hippie

It’s not that hard people, especially if you are staying in a modern hostel with running water. Shower daily or at least every other day. You will instantly become more popular and have friends again. Wash your damn clothes too and not in the sink. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen some cheap ass washing his clothes with just water in a sink. Use laundry detergent and the washing machines. We don’t live in the middle ages so there is absolutely not excuse for not doing your laundry. Wearing a shirt for two days is alright as long as you don’t stink it up. I realise you don’t want to plunk down $8 to do a load of laundry but the rest of us want you to.

Deodorant is also a must. Smell your arm pits once in a while, if your lunch comes up, it may be time to reapply or even take a shower. Wearing deodorant every day is a must, not just when you are working. For some reason a lot of people think they can get away without any just because they are sitting around doing nothing in the hostel all day. This is not the case regardless if you took a shower that morning or not, wear some damn deodorant. My nose and everyone elses will thank you. If hygiene isn’t “big” in your country, realise you are not in your country any more (I’m speaking to you France). The rest of us from the modern world would appreciate it if you were more hygienic.

Here are some helpful hints for the chronically smelly:

  • Bathe daily
  • Wash your damn clothes
  • Wash your damn sleeping bag/sheets/blankets
  • Wear deodorant. Can’t find the one you like? Phone home.
  • Stop eating nasty food. Food that smells like shit will make you smell like shit. Eat healthier.
  • Have a strenuous job? Shower after as well.

I don’t care how poor you are, there is never an excuse to smell. No one will give money or a job to someone that smells like shit. Clean yourself up, not only will you become more popular but you won’t be that guy everyone is always bitching about.

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