How to Get a Free Flight Home – Deportation

Deportation is almost never good, you’re forced out of a country that you may not want to leave. Chances are if you are an expatriate you will overstay your visa at some point or another and face deportation. But deportation doesn’t have to be bad in every case, after all you do get a “free” flight home. That’s what this article is about, using deportation laws to your advantage. Sometimes you need to get home, for whatever reason, whether you’re completely broke or there is an emergency, deportation can be the quickest and least expensive way back.

Now deportation doesn’t come without it’s drawbacks. In almost all cases, you will get a deportation stamp in the back of your passport informing all other countries that you are a liability in some form or another. Some countries are extremely strict when it comes to this stamp, others not so much; either way it is not a good stamp to have. Not only that, the country you are deported from will have a mandatory ban on you until a certain time has elapsed and you pay back the government for any money they spent on you in addition to a hefty fine. Expect a bill for a couple thousand dollars (but if you don’t plan on going back, no need to pay). That being the case, you should only use deportation to your advantage as a last ditch effort and if you plan to never visit that country again.

Usually the easiest way to get deported from a country is to break the terms of your visa, which is relatively easy to do or just plain lie about it. My advice if you want out of a country quick, find out the terms and conditions of your visa, they usually have what you can’t do in them. If you’re on a tourist visa, that usually means no work. Simply go into the immigration department, make up a phoney story about how you broke your terms and conditions and you’ll be on your way home. Granted, they might be lenient on you and give you a free pass, you never know. I would recommend being as aggravating and irritating as possible, the exact opposite of how you would act if you wanted to stay in the country.

All immigration agents have the authority to revoke your visa at any time and if you press them hard enough, if you’re a big enough pain in the ass, you can have the ball rolling in no time. Keep in mind that once you have your visa revoked, you immediately become an illegal in that country. Chances are you will be given a chance to leave on your own free will. Again, just continue to agitate the immigrations officer, they will get to the point where they have had enough of you and place you under arrest. Unfortunately, you will probably need to make a complete ass of yourself. You will be detained for up to a week in an immigrations detention facility while the country prepares your flight and swift exit.

On the day of your scheduled departure, you will be escorted from the detention facility to the nearest international airport, my recommendation is if you plan on getting deported, report to an immigration office near the closest international airport to ensure a swift and speedy exit. No one wants to remain in immigration detention longer than needed. You’ll be processed out, get a deportation stamp, deportation orders that stipulate the costs associated with your removal and when you are eligible to re-enter the country, if ever. You’ll then be escorted to your departure gate and the officers will not leave until your plane has disembarked from the jet way. At this point, you are on your way home!

Obviously there are many ways to get deported from a country but this is by far the easiest and most “legal” way of doing it. If you break a law, you might be stuck in the country while you face criminal proceedings so I do not recommend going out and picking a fight with some guy on the street. It’s just best to get into a verbal argument with an immigration officer and make up a bullshit story. Keep in mind, you will be deported to your home country, you will not have a choice of where they send you. The only way you *may* have a choice is if you are a dual-citizen but even then, they usually send you back to the country that issued the passport you used to enter the country in the first place.

If you do decide to go this route, you will need to be rude and make a general ass out of yourself. You will be detained and it will not be pleasant but if you have no other alternative, then this might just be your best bet. By no means do I encourage you to purposely get yourself deported as there are serious ramifications so it should not be taken lightly. This is an absolute last ditch option and should be only used as such.

There are some instances where it might not be possible to be deported even if you are not a citizen. (Citizens can never be deported from them home country fyi so don’t bother trying if that’s the case and you’re looking for a free flight.) Such an example would be if you are a permanent resident. Permanent residents can lose their status after breaking certain laws and I do not recommend doing this ever. Usually the laws you need to break have stiff prison sentences so do not do that. Just scrape some money together to leave legally. Plus having permanent residency is great so why would you want to put that in jeopardy?

Getting yourself deported should not be taken lightly as there are serious ramifications. As an individual, you need to weigh your situation to see if it’s worth the trouble. Also check information out on the web before trying this for specific countries. Some of the less developed countries may make it a criminal offence (as in prison terms could be enforced against you) to violate your visa terms so always err on the safe side and check before lying (or telling the truth) to an immigration officer. If you’re in a “modern” country, you’re usually fine.

Safe travels and consider all options before enacting on something. NEVER do anything illegal that could jeopardise your freedom!

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