Expatriate Topher: Who are you? What is this site about?

My name is Topher Lazarz and I am an expatriate of the United States. How I became one is another story for another day (if you’re curious, you can buy my book once I finish it!). I don’t plan on going into much details of how or why I got to where I am but occasionally, I am sure they will come up as I begin to post more about traveling the world. For the most part, this site is to be a guide for fellow expatriates or backpackers of all nations based on my experiences.

There are a lot of websites dedicated to backpacking but they cover mostly generalities and never go into detail about the problems you may encounter and how to over come them. This site is my hope to bridge the gap from what you think you’re getting into to what you actually need to know. The topic is broad and I will consistently be adding to the site as time goes on, in as much details as possible, so please bare with me in the beginning, I cannot cover everything in a day and I too, am still learning.

You may be thinking to yourself, what are my qualifications to give advice on being a backpacker. Well, I have almost none, I am new to this. I left my country in May 2012, was deported from my host country (wrongfully I might add) back to the US and then left the United States again in August 2012. So in a sense, I may be perfect to give you advice if you are a novice just like myself as the “experts” have a tendency to overlook details. Plus I will keep it entertaining as I have a lot of stories and unfortunate blunders from time to time.

For the most part, on this site I hope to cover almost every problem you may encounter while outside your home country along with my own antidotes. From foreign etiquette to visas to living as cheaply as possible, I will write about it. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will this site be so please be patient and if there is something you want me to cover, write me! My promise to you is that I will always try and give you the most accurate, up-to-date and most detailed information as possible on each subject I post about. Keep in mind, one size does not fit all and what has worked for me might not work for you and conditions can change quickly.

I hope this site will prove useful in your journey, where ever it might take you. And if you aren’t traveling, hopefully you will be entertained by my own adventures/misadventures!

About Topher Lazarz

I'm Topher Lazarz, an expatriate from the United States currently skipping around the world and your guide to surviving outside your home country. I have always wanted to travel but never had the time, money or freedom to do so. My life changed forever in May 2012 when I was pretty much forced to travel and my life has been an exciting journey ever since. I hope my guides can help those considering becoming expatriates or backpackers as the information provided on this website is something I definitely wish I had access to when I first began backpacking.

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